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"An agent you can trust , great customer service,always looking out for the policy holders."
Tavell, October 2016

"If you hate insurance with a passion, this is the group that turns that bad taste in your mouth into a flavor that makes your taste buds want to do the hokey pokey. They take amazing care of you in all aspects of the sale and continued support above and beyond throughout your plan ownership. I'm generally not very brand loyal, but these folks have me hooked on their awesome and I'll never go back to less."
Ryan K. , June 2016

"Our home was destroyed on May 20th. Luckily we were not there. My wife had a bad feeling about the weather that day so we pulled our two older children out of school "plaza towers" early and went to my parents house in Newcastle. 
After the tornado pasted Newcastle we left the storm shelter and went inside to watch the news. A few minutes after the storm passed through Moore we saw our street on the news. Our home was gone. I was so thankful that my family was safe but at the same time I knew it would be a long road. 
Shay from Travelers contacted us very quickly and told us he was sorry for our loss and that Travelers would be there to help us. He was very compassionate and made me feel that he wasn't just there to process our claim, but that he really cared. I was nervous the first time I meet with him, unsure of what he would say. He immediately put me at ease.  
Shay helped us go through our home room by room and remember what we had. He even helped us remember things we might of forgotten. 
After he figured our final estimate for rebuild cost he advised me to check with contractors in the area to insure it was accurate and that it would be enough to rebuild our home. 
I heard some horror stories from other people about their insurance companies and I am so thankful that we didn't have that experience. I can't imagine losing everything and them not having the help we received. 
We signed with Travelers because they had the best rates for us. After the service my family received I know I'll never have to shop for insurance again."
Chris & Courtney,  May 2013

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