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Insurance is one of the most trusted ways to ensure security of life and property. With the cost of insurance rising in Oklahoma, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find the right insurance at a reasonable price.

That’s where we come in. At McPeak & Associates, Inc., we offer Oklahoma residents so much more for their insurance needs. As your independent insurance agency, we tailor to your needs by researching and finding the best solution through multiple insurance connections.

We offer you security and peace of mind no matter what your insurance needs are.

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Help When You Need It The Most

When choosing an insurance agency you want a company you can trust. McPeak & Associates, Inc. is an Independent Insurance Agency that works for you, the client, not the insurance companies. This means we are dedicated to finding you the best policy for your money.

“I have been a client of Mike’s since June 2012. We have homeowners, 2 vehicles and 2 motorcycles insured and have never been able to find someone that could beat their prices or their hospitality. The entire staff is friendly, extremely helpful and quick to get the job done right. If I could give them more stars I would!”

- Stephanie B.

“Mike and his team have provided fast service which we need as we acquire houses frequently. And the prices and coverage are very competitive.”

- Jim & Nate

“Dee and I have been customers of Mike McPeak and his company for several years. In that time, not only has he offered us exceptional service but he has also become a great friend. Mike is a professional and a man of integrity which appears to trickle down to all who work for him. We are truly happy with McPeak & Associates and have no plans to look elsewhere. Thanks to Mike and his staff we continue to be well covered and served.”

- Jeff C.

“I would like to take a minute to express me and my family’s gratitude for your service to us you have always been polite, prompt with getting back to us on details, and have gone above and beyond the Call of Duty even on a Saturday when I needed you the most thank you keep up the good work.”

- Tina S.

“I love this agency because Mike is one awesome dude. He’s not an insurance agent or some guy I talk to once a year to lower my rates. He’s a friend.”

- Ryan K.

“Quickness in returning phone calls, always polite and effective. Staff very supportive after auto accident with the claim detail!!”

- Trish P.

“I like working with McPeak and Associates because they really care about me, and are constantly finding ways to save me money. Being taken care of and saving money is what you want out of an insurance agency, and I found it with McPeak and Associates. Couldn’t be happier.”

- Andrew L.


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