What is the benefit of homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is like a security plan which you hope to never have to use. However, if you come to need it, it can prove to be priceless. Whether it covers natural disasters such as lightning, tornados, and hail storms or other unforeseen disasters like fire, theft and vandalism, homeowners insurance can help you in the worst times get back on your feet and start a normal life again.

Like any good security plan, homeowners insurance needs to be re-evaluated on
at least an annual basis or sooner if any updates have been made to the home. Keeping a log of possessions categorized by room can streamline the claims process in the event of a major loss. We are happy to provide personal inventory booklets to help systematically record items in each room of your home. If you own a number of antiques, art, or firearms it is wise to check with your agent to ensure the full value is covered. Creating a photographic or video record to supplement your inventory list can help document specific details about your items. Keeping an updated record of your possessions will help ensure you receive an insurance settlement that is appropriate to the value of your items lost.

It is imperative to have a homeowners policy that will get you back to “normal” as quickly as possible after a loss. Let us walk you through a comprehensive review of your homeowners policy, so you are ready for the worst without worry.

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Protecting More Than Your Home

With the right homeowners policy you will be protected for far more than just your home and personal property. Did you know homeowners insurance can offer the following protections?

  • Liability – if someone is injured while on your property, your homeowners policy can provide for medical coverage for resulting medical bills and/or lawsuits.
  • Other Structures – your policy can provide for fencing, sheds, or other detached buildings on your property if properly identified when setting up your policy.
  • Replacement Cost – Your items lost in a covered loss will be replaced new, regardless of depreciation on these items. Getting you back on your feet faster.
  • Additional Living Expenses – if you are unable to stay in your home after a covered loss, your policy will cover the temporary living costs such as hotel room.
  • Identity Theft Protection – your policy can pay for expenses incurred to regain your identity, including restoration services.

Each homeowners policy is as unique as the client. Call us today for a no-obligation comprehensive review of your coverages, and let us show you where you may be leaving yourself open to an unnecessary risk.

Contact us today and discuss the policies that can fit your budget without compromising value